individual therapy

The decision to pursue individual therapy is a courageous and self-sustaining act. It is also a creative act, as there is an artistry to nurturing our inner landscape. I believe that every individual carries within them a spark of passion and grace that is waiting to be awakened in support of their evolution. Often grief, loss, and heartbreak are the paradoxical gateways to this spark. My intention as a therapist is to create a conducive space and caring container for your own innate wisdom and insight to emerge. I work with adolescents and teenagers (14 and up), adults, and elders.

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couple therapy

Although we idealize romantic love relationships, they don't guarantee the ecstatic and continual safety and intimacy that we crave. Partners make unspoken assumptions about each other that they often don't, or can't, verbalize. Thriving in a love relationship involves coming to terms with perhaps unconscious expectations of intimacy, sex, marriage, and parenting. I can help you navigate your way through expectations, frustrations, angers, and resentments in your love and sex relationships. These can be portals to joy and satisfaction, emotionally and physically. 

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family therapy

 Involving family members in exploring emotional patterns and solutions can be a powerful way to understand yourself and your web of relations more clearly. I define "family" as your chosen family, your birth family, and/or those with whom you have strongly supportive and connected long-term relationships. In family therapy, the client is the family and the interaction dances between the family members are explored. Being witnessed without judgment in these communication processes often allows surprising levels of honesty, courage, and healing to emerge. I am trained in Bowen Family Systems Therapy and Milan Family Therapy.

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